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    What You Missed: Doodle Fest 2017 Opening Night

    The Doodle Fest 2017 Opening Night proved to be a hotspot last Friday for art aficionados. Artists and doodlers offered their best Doodle Travels PH artworks with different levels of sophistication. On top of that, we also had some booze and...
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    8 Types of Clients You Never Want to Work With

    From our previous release of the Freelance Issue, one contributor tackled his past experiences with clients from hell. It’s hard to predict how these clients act on a certain project so we’re sharing this helpful infographic from Reuben Yonathan to...
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    Art and the FURious

    Joseph Furlong, the artist behind the nickname Joefur, is a prime example of a surreal cartoonist. An impressive creative guy of the British art scene, Joefur’s spotlight was lit well for his freehand line art skills and active participation...
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    Artist Turns People’s Secrets Into Art

    As the saying goes, no secret can remain hidden forever. It could be remembered last year that people has been abuzz with Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails that shows her secret conspiracy. And the hits just keep on coming. This...
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    Book | This One Summer

    A sensitive story of two young two teen girl coming of age, New York Times bestseller and award-winning graphic novel This One Summer by writer Mariko Tamaki and illustrator Julian Tamaki is one of the most beautifully drawn graphic...
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    Book | Doodle Town

    Doodle Town by Dominika Lipniewska is a friendly doodling book that provides hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and creative expression. As the name implies, Doodle Town features different hotspots of a town including its people, landmarks, lifestyle, and the happenings...