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    3-Day Weekend for Everyone, Even Artists

    Five days a week or 40 hours is the standard for full-time employment. Working 50 to 70 hours isn’t unheard of though. Are the extra hours worth it? We found this infographic from InvestmentZen and we found out that the actual relationship between working hours and productivity might surprise you. Credits: Tiffany McAdams...
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    Artspiration in 1 Minute: YouTube or Instagram

    If you have ever participated in a discussion about social media, then you’ve undoubtedly seen my question “YouTube or Instagram?” They are treated as two different platforms with technical advantage, and folks who appear to be naturally swiping for photos often thank Instagram for endless inspiration. Others will surely choose YouTube for video content. But is that the big picture of this argument? As an artist, they are not just about the drawings...
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    30 Stunning Doodle Artworks From The Regional Winners of Red Bull Doodle Art Competition

    This year’s Red Bull Doodle Art takes doodling into a new dimension. Students from over 1,000 universities in more than 40 countries will express their freedom of creative expression by interpreting Doodle Art. What’s great about doodling is the absence of rules and restrictions. One regional winner from each country will get a unique experience to create and exhibit true masterpieces in virtual reality. Using a Tilt Brush from Google, regional winners will compete in an...
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    #MusketonMazda: What We Know About Mazda Design Car Version 2.0

    For a carmaker that used to make a lot of money selling powerful cars, the #MusketonMazda CX-3 is a clear indication of its new direction to entice a different market. And yes, that’s Mazda’s new generation of Mazdas coming out with a different look and feel to dazzle everyone’s artistic eyes without drawing the picture. Mazda is different and creative. To strengthen their affinity with fantastic engineering design and...
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