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    A Ride Inside Subway Doodle

    When New York-based Creative Director Ben Rubin started an unusual hobby and fuses his imagination into real-life scenarios inside a subway, Subway Doodle is now cashing in on the project’s accidental rise in popularity. In a fast-paced environment like New York, most people spend a lot of time in subways. Whether you have a personal trip, client work, or regular business hours, the challenge in New York is where to park your car and how to deal with traffic. Often times, the locals in New York find subway as...
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    Unlocking Colors Together with Titus Pens

    It was a display of vibrant colors, artistry, and music as Titus Pens spearheaded the official National Doodling Day last February 27, 2016 at the Ayala-Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. The leading ballpen brand in oil gel technology, partnered with National Book Store, took it as an opportunity to introduce a whole new array of its latest products namely the Titus Crayons and Titus Colored Pencils that come in excitingly vibrant colors. Just like last year, Titus Pens made sure that every guest can enjoy their innovative pen products....
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    Comics of the Week – Budong 01.01

    How’s your Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts and get some advice! Illustrated by Marc Oliver Fernandez...
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    Artspiration in 1 Minute: Just Draw Something

    You know what’s the answer to most of my art-related problems? Just draw something and have fun doing it! The results are endless and the continuous flow of ideas makes me happy. Remember that aesthetic sophistication is not the goal. It’s all about experience and learning. My answer to most of my art related problems. ✏ #WorDoodleSeries A post shared by Lei Melendres (@leimelendres) on Jan 31, 2017 at 2:23am PST What will you draw today? Just draw something and use #DoodleArts for feature....
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    Lessons From Artgerm That Every Artist Must Learn

    Social media is rapidly becoming a hub for artist and artists-alike. These days, it’s easy to scroll down the feed of your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for some creative inspiration. And these creative finds are all contributed by different artists from around the world. Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau is no different. Since entering the world of DeviantART last 2006, Artgerm’s online gallery has infected the world with his art and received an outstanding number of 500,000 active followers where his page has been viewed for more than 50 million times. He even rose the ranks of...
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    15 Kinds of People Who Made GMU 2017 A Blast

    Once a year, the Doodle Art Enthusiasts gets together somewhere in the world for the annual Grand Meetup (GMU). It is an exhilarating and exciting weekend where members get a chance to meet and collaborate, work alongside, learn from, and play and laugh with one another. And of course, lots of them have doodled about the experience, in words and images. We were blown away by some members who made GMU 2017 so much fun. Can you guess who are them?   1. The singing bee who played the beat…  ...
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    How to Illustrate a Majestic Blue Deer

    I always start my doodle artwork by sketching it out with a graphite pencil. I also prepared several image references as a guide. While drawing, I erase unnecessary lines with the use of a very small eraser to remove tiny details evenly while retaining the outlines of the deer. I used toned paper because it is helpful to make your drawings look realistic. Since it’s mid-tone, you can use white for highlights with ease. I begin the realistic part of the drawing with Prismacolor colored pencils. Firstly, I use...
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    The Eager Beavers of 2016

    Just as social media changed the way we discover the untold stories of global artists, digital awareness and online portfolio is going to be a leader in every aspect of everyone’s exposure: how you market, how you sell, and how you brand yourself. The internet is abuzz today and the rise of digital technology gives equal low-cost opportunities to artists of any age. Many artists are enthralled by the privilege of online media sites like Facebook, Behance, Instagram, and among many others. Before this year ends, we named 12 artists...
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    Doodle Town Book

    October 6, 2016
    Doodle Town by Dominika Lipniewska is a friendly doodling book that provides hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and creative expression. As the name implies, Doodle Town features different hotspots of a town including its people, landmarks,...
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    Dennis Schuster

    July 24, 2016
    Meeting new people, seeing strange places, and learning a lot about oneself are what makes art fun for Dennis Schuster (DXTR). “To be honest, there’s nothing better than being outside in the sun and painting something...
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    Erik Svetoft

    July 24, 2016
    Erik Svetoft does drawings, illustrations and a bit of animation. He works with different moods and settings in his images to build little scenes or snapshots of larger events and ideas. Apart from publishing two art...