100-Meter Doodle Wall Mural That Will Make Your Art Experience Come Alive

Doodle Art Enthusiasts sets new record on the longest outdoor doodle art

Every time Titus Pens will stage an on-the-spot ballpen art competition, the audience are always dabbing the creative process of the participants’ work in a small sheet of paper. While limited views are constraining, great public art are always the pen brand’s answer to our creative objectives that will engage the community and be a nexus for conversation.

Locally, Titus Pens has aggressive marketing campaigns to promote ballpen art and doodle art while highlighting the country’s beautiful angle of artistry and tourism. That’s what prompted the pen brand in offering Doodle Art Enthusiasts (DAE) an artificial wall that measures 100 meters in length to challenge the doodlers in bringing their own signature talent and inspiration. This has been proven beneficial in many ways to give homage to the art movement.

While the Music Hall is busy for the conclusion of iDoodle 2015-Battle of the Champions as one of the grandest original country event, the mural project at the Seaside Boulevard of SM Mall of Asia has resulted in hundred stories of hand-drawn labors of love and passion. A smiling mesmerized crowd adores the improvised attraction park dotted with great skills.

Doodle Teamwork

Over fifty (50) young DAE doodlers gathered and faced the challenge to fill a wall that beautifies and inspires. This open-air live art activity was never anything but decisive modern history. DAE Administrative Manager Patrice Palisoc said that this event is a dream come true for the group when Titus Pens sets the environment with anarchic creativity that made them feel the epitome of art.

“It’s one of those things we love to do as a group,” she said. “To see young people picking up an ideal brand for our group’s passion is a beautiful thing and I love to share it.”

From 100 pages of paper, DAE is now hitting a hundred meter doodle wall—a record they need to top again—using Titus Markers that seemed like a very ultramodern tool for doodling.











Doodle Jeepney

Just beside another end of the doodle wall, Titus Pens creative brand ambassadors clearly owned a lot of patriotic spirits by beautifying a typical jeepney covered in white paint. DAE members Rbin Rainier Binuya and DoAngelo Mercado, both of which are Titus Pens creative brand ambassadors, are equally convinced that their act is understandably a reconstruction of contemporary ways designed to improve the faces of Philippine tourism.




Those doodles are now embarked on a point of abstraction that will stream DAE’s heart as they journey across the Philippines—hoping to doodle a wall in every city. For the record, this is the longest doodle wall they had so far. Just try to beat it.

Photographed by Jomari Bolaton

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