15 Kinds of People Who Made GMU 2017 A Blast

Different types of doodlers who are engaged, inspired, and ready to build a better art community

Once a year, the Doodle Art Enthusiasts gets together somewhere in the world for the annual Grand Meetup (GMU). It is an exhilarating and exciting weekend where members get a chance to meet and collaborate, work alongside, learn from, and play and laugh with one another. And of course, lots of them have doodled about the experience, in words and images. We were blown away by some members who made GMU 2017 so much fun. Can you guess who are them?


1. The singing bee who played the beat…


2. …and the party realist who made that beat.


3. Food has never been this good until we have a cooking master boy.


4. Sleeping in the toilet is like a laughing stock.


5. You can’t help but to laugh with the high flyers.


6. There are excited early birds who flocked and flew together… 


7. …and those roaring Tigers are hilariously terrible!


8. Even those silent little hungry cats are on the loose…


9. …while they watch two angry birds on the dance floor.


10. There are hyperactive hard court dancers who smiled all night.


11.Yet there’s this random person who will be the unlucky one.


12. How could you say ‘cheese’ if you’re not part of the picture?


13. You can’t help but to hug the sofa when drunk.


14. Super Sipag at Tiyaga award goes to _____________.


15. Well, who wouldn’t forget this guy?


Can you recognize these personalities based on the given clues? Send your answers to dibs@doodleartsmagazine.com to win some H&M goodies! The one with the most number of correct answer wins the prize. This quiz promo is only available to the members of the Doodle Art Enthusiasts. #GMU2017

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