21 Ways To Be More Creative

Wake your inner artist with these 21 ways as told by Daisy Hartwell

You’d be lying if you said that “to draw every day” wasn’t on your bucket list. It’s a common New Year’s resolution of every artist to promote and improve one’s creativity. Having that one of the most cliché bits of advice there is, you probably feel like you’ve heard most of what your human inspirations have to offer on your hand. But trust us when we say there’s a handful more of apples and oranges that you should add on your basket.

We are lucky to meet the amazing blogger Daisy Hartwell and she shared to us her very own 21 ways to be more creative. Don’t worry, it doesn’t sound too much or too long. Instead of skipping this second chance of your beloved New Year’s resolution, consider these new tips to stir your rational mind. Everything is free and the infographic was well-designed for your reading pleasure so it definitely won’t hurt your eyes and wallet. You can find the original post here.


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