30 Stunning Doodle Artworks From The Regional Winners of Red Bull Doodle Art Competition

Imagination is limitless
Image credit: Red Bull

This year’s Red Bull Doodle Art takes doodling into a new dimension. Students from over 1,000 universities in more than 40 countries will express their freedom of creative expression by interpreting Doodle Art. What’s great about doodling is the absence of rules and restrictions.

One regional winner from each country will get a unique experience to create and exhibit true masterpieces in virtual reality. Using a Tilt Brush from Google, regional winners will compete in an exciting final round where they will translate their winning 2D doodles into beautiful 3D masterpieces and will be exhibited in the Global Virtual Gallery.

UPDATED: Get back on this page for updated regional winners from other countries.


1. Alberto Javier Salinas Perez (Mexico)


2. Alexa Gutierrez (United States – North)


3. Amina Medhat Galal Eldeen Mohamed Farag (Egypt)


4. Ante Marić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


5. Arzu Mardanova (Azerbaijan)


6. Bráulio Monteiro (Portugal)


7. Diego Foster Donoso (Chile)


8. Imran Farish (Maldives)


9. Ingvild Hamre Konglevoll (Norway)


10. Irena Živanović (Serbia)


11. Jaime Ramírez Murciano (Spain)


12. Jehan Al Jassas (Bahrain)


13. Juliette Kerdranvat (France)


14.Lukas Künzli (Switzerland)


15.Nick Bommarito (Canada)


16. Rojan Elmo Camua Barcelon (Philippines)


17. Sebastian Pillay (South Africa)


18. Shiella Witanto (United States – West)


19. Simon Jacobsson (Sweden)


20. Sortino Francesco Paolo (Italy)


21. Subrata Patowary (India)


22. Tara Davis (United States – South)


23. Tiffani Driscoll (United States – East)


24. Umer Nadeem (Pakistan)


25. Yana Osiedlevych (Poland)


26. Ανδρεας Διαμαντης (Greece)


27. Алмат Кабдолов (Kazakhstan)


28. Гук Дмитро (Ukraine)


29. Евгения Севостьянова (Russia)


30. 賴姿靜 (Taiwan)

Who’s your bet to be this year’s Red Bull doodle master? Share us your thoughts below!
All images are courtesy of Red Bull. Keep calm and doodle on!

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