Spark Your Creative Fire: The Seven C’s of Creativity

Our lives can be filled with creative moments while being curious and willing to push beyond the limit. As we try different approach to imagine a new creative solution, the need for...

Our lives can be filled with creative moments while being curious and willing to push beyond the limit. As we try different approach to imagine a new creative solution, the need for creativity is constantly changing. Still, the world thinks of creativity as a mysterious quality that most of us have. While creativity takes hard work, there’s a creative mix to fuel the wheels of creativity. Here are the seven C’s of creativity as told by David Limrite.



Proclaim yourself an artist. Stand tall. Paint something. Show it to people. Be brave. Be fearless. An artist is courageous enough to accept different criticism and push through to produce the art.



Pretend that you know exactly what you are doing. You are worth it and your art is worth it. Confidence drives more positivism by attracting more people to believe on your work. The result will make you feel better about your work and people will feel better about you and your work too. Trust yourself and your instincts. Be self-reliant and self-assured. As individuals, you should be the first one who must stand strong for your beliefs. Remember that even your own shadow will leave you in darkness, so be prepared for more challenges.



Being creative is all about making choices and decisions. Unlike the scientific way, artists are not bound to succeed on a single choice. You own the role of an artist, because you are the first trustee of your work. When you discover that creating art makes you feel alive, it becomes your identity to sell these ideas. From concept to style and from color to medium, the application depends on your creative judgement. Choice will remind you to be responsible. Accept making choices and move on.



Do you know your purpose? Why an artist? What kind of artist? What is it about my art? What do I want to say using my art? Is my art just for fun, recreation or entertainment. The clearer you are about your creativity, the more productive you will be. But whether you hate it or love it, artists produce work as a result of internal or external stimuli. The only purpose should be to cause a reaction (Grayling, 2009).



Regardless of your experience and development, believe in yourself, your skill and your talent. Get motivated and be driven. The duty of creativity is to challenge a person’s thinking ability that can substantiate an idea outside the box.



Creating is one thing. Getting better at it is another. The only way to get better on your craft is through consistency. Attending class regularly, setting up a regular weekly painting schedule or a drawing session, and sticking with it. Avoid procrastination and distractions. Showing up at your easel, sketch pads, or other medium on a regular basis and sticking with it long enough will improve your overall individuality.



Making a commitment to be an artist of this time is something special to the society. Creating is amazing and you will feel amazing for indulging your work with your community. Engaging in creative activities, meet creative professionals, grow your network, and experience an exciting life of being an creative individual.

The relationship of the above mentioned concepts are directly proportional to each other. Creativity is limitless and surely there’s more things to say about creativity. Use these as your simple inspiration to be creative and share your great experience with your friends. Photos courtesy of Corbin Smith, Sophie Kahn, and David Limrite.

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