A Journey with Heart

Artistic workshop and painting exhibition by Italian duo Delta N.A.

Delta N.A. itinerant exhibition “A journey with heart“ will be presented on Thursday 20th of July 2017 at the Institute of Italian Culture of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The show, supported by the city of Asti, is focused on the theme of “travel” intended as both physical and existential, described through the original lens of Delta N.A.

The Italian duo, collaborating at unison on each artwork to reach a more complete and complex expression, offers a new vision of reality where time is no longer a linear dimension but an overlapped sequence of layers coexisting simultaneously: days and nights become shades of the same moment placed in the silence of a universe with no name or borders. Out of its regular shape our reality is so transformed into a new space ruled by the ethereal consistency of the existential mechanic principles.

“The voice of the Universe rings out in the human heart, so even anchored to the ground, Man turns his eyes to the stars fascinated by the mystery of the world and he understands that life is just a dream without space and time, a sort of place between lines where dissolved shapes and absence of boundaries explode in a universe of similar colors”… “When intuition opens the door to our perception, standard means of describing the world’s organization gets destroyed, liberating reality to reveal itself as a multilayered and complex universe. This newly perceived reality no longer differs from dreams and is made up of complex layers interconnected by an intricate system held together by the energy of life”. —Delta N.A. Manifesto

A journey with heart has been exhibited in many art galleries in the last two years, travelling from the north to the south of Italy with great success of public and critics.

The vernissage of the exhibition will be accompanied by a light refreshment offered by the city of Asti, homeland of the artists, introducing the Monferrato UNESCO World heritage vineyard land-scapes and its typical products.

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