Artspiration in 1 Minute: YouTube or Instagram

This isn't like choosing between apples and oranges.
Image credit: Vince Okerman

If you have ever participated in a discussion about social media, then you’ve undoubtedly seen my question “YouTube or Instagram?” They are treated as two different platforms with technical advantage, and folks who appear to be naturally swiping for photos often thank Instagram for endless inspiration. Others will surely choose YouTube for video content. But is that the big picture of this argument?

As an artist, they are not just about the drawings we post, contents we share, inspirations we appreciate, and the platform itself, but they can be our double-edged sword for successful online campaign and popularity. So how to make the best of Instagram and YouTube?

I have found out that Instagram is perfect for trailers of YouTube videos. You need to find out a better way to link your videos to your YouTube channel in a creative way. To sum up, I think I like Instagram because it’s more colorful and user-friendly for sharing photos and short videos, but I like YouTube as a social platform for my video portfolio.

What’s your choice?

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