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A day with Wendy Buiter and her beautiful art

In what has traditionally been a woman’s world, Rotterdam-based artist Wendy Buiter has emerged from a fashion and make-up artist to an accomplished painter and illustrator.

Wendy Buiter has an undying passion for beautiful things and beautiful things she has. As someone who loves to surround herself with beautiful and fashion inspired art, she has built her own treasures, including both her collection of playful art and fashion photography.

From the beginning, Wendy was exposed to fashion and cosmetics beauty. Since forming and managing Beautypartner as her own successful company, Wendy has secured a spot as a leader in the industry backed by her international education background. Her achievements are all the more impressive, as the world of beauty and cosmetics has long been regarded as the territory of women.

Colour is a crucial factor for my art collectors to fall in love with my piece.

Her list of fashion collaborations reads like the powerhouse brands of the renown fashion and cosmetic industry’s best and the brightest: L’Oréal, Chanel, LVMH, MAC, and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few. So it comes as no surprise indefinite leave from her company to pursue her strongest passion in life—to become an accomplished painter and illustrator.

By the time a fearless woman has been equipped with the right talent, confidence, and timing, her art will start to make waves using bold lines and striking colours. With plans to continue her illustrations as an extension of herself, Wendy is having a good time doing what she is doing exactly as is.

Read the full interview in Doodle Arts October-December 2017 Colour Issue and learn more about Wendy’s views in beauty, art, and life in high fashion.

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