Doodle Art Indonesia Turns Two, Grows Bigger

Happy birthday Doodle Art Indonesia!

It’s tough to come up with a poetic opening phrase when introducing Doodle Art Indonesia (DAI), a focused-group doodle community established firmly by the local artists of Indonesia through empowering and promoting the modern art movement of the country.

February 7 marks the second anniversary of DAI, a cultural date that supports wondrous dreams of young emerging artists. On its second anniversary, DAI celebrates two years of artistic successes and creative collaborations across the archipelago.

Since its inception dated back February 7, 2015, DAI gained attention of the local community with its hollistic community development programs. This is an unprecedented opportunity when DAI was first founded by Azalia Paramatatya as an online-based community that shares the same interest in doodling.

DAI is growing as we speak. It could be remembered that the organization started as a group without physical interaction. Now, the group has successfully adapted from the big names of its neighbors, Singapore’s Band of Doodlers and Philippines’ Doodle Art Enthusiasts in particular.

Perhaps most importantly, thanks to the growing 60 regional chapters who laid a benchmark for a successful community building efforts that rocked the country’s art scene. To celebrate two years of success, DAI made a regional meetup among its clusters to forge the friendship and camaraderie they have brought two years ago. And to instill the creative goals and values of the organization, DAI has also launched an online doodle art challenge to further spice up the anniversary. You can check what’s trending on this event by tuning on the hashtags #DAI2TAHUN and #doodleartindonesia.

DOODLE ART INDONESIA SECOND ANNIVERSARY CHALLENGE!! Dalam rangka memeriahkan ulang tahun kedua Doodle Art Indonesia, kami mengajak kalian untuk berpartisipasi dalam kontes dengan tema 'Selamat Ulang Tahun DoodleArtIndonesia' Syarat&ketentuan: 1. Follow sponsor @snowmanid @doodleartsmag @clon.ind @tukang_doodle @swishgears 2. Buat doodle dengan tema Ulang Tahun Doodle Art Indonesia Kedua, dengan ciri khas daerah masing-masing (contoh: rumah adat, makanan khas, hewan khas daerah masing-masing, tempat bersejarah dll) 3. Karya bebas digital atau manual, berwarna atau hitam putih 4. Repost poster ini dan tag 3 teman kalian 5. Gunakan hashtag #DAI2TAHUN dan #doodleartindonesia setiap upload karya 6. Jumlah karya tidak dibatasi. 7. Karya hasil pribadi bukan mencontek hasil karya orang lain 8. DEADLINE: 28 Februari 2017 HADIAH: Akan ada 3 pemenang untuk kontes ini. -2 pemenang UTAMA mendapatkan: 1. Merchandise dari @doodleartindonesia 2. brush pen marker dari @snowmanid 3. Tshirt, Snapback, Totebag, Casebagroll, dan Sticker dari @clon.ind 4. Tshirt dari @tukang_doodle 5. Tshirt dari @swishgears 6. Merchandise dari 7. Drawing pen 01-08 8. Sticker hellomyname 2pack 9. Uang tunai masing-masing Rp. 200.000 10. Pensil dan spidol 11. Sticker dari 12. Uang tunai 250.000 dari @doodleartsmag -SATU Pemenang PILIHAN mendapatkan: 1. Tshirt yoots 2. Case bag 3. Tote bag 4. Spidol dari Snowman JURI: 1. @leimelendres 2. @doodleartindonesia team Tunggu apa lagi! Yuk segera ikutan kontes ini dan rayakan kemeriahan ulang tahun DOODLE ART INDONESIA yang kedua!!

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The judges of Doodle Art Challenge

Lei Melendres is an illustrator, philantrophist, leader, and a seminal figure of the doodle art movement well-known for being the car brand ambassador of Mazda Philippines, lifestyle brand ambassador of Mumma’s Boy Clothing, and head of Doodle Art Enthusiasts, the Philippines’ largest doodling community with over 1,000 active members under its umbrella. He also sits as creative director of Doodle Arts Magazine where he writes and illustrates the issues of the creative culture. He continuously works with global publishers to create coloring books where his first book, Zifflin Doodle Fusion, was a hit on book stores.

Doodle Art Indonesia (DAI) is a doodle art community based in Indonesia founded by Azalia Paramatatya. At present, Doodle Art Indonesia has over 60 regional chapters all over Indonesia. The crew of DAI will also choose one of the lucky winners of this year’s Doodle Art Challenge who will get the chance to win prizes from the partners and sponsors.

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Keep calm and greet DAI a happy birthday! 

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