Doodle Arts Global Brand Ambassador Program

Doodle Arts is the media and publishing arm of Doodle Art Enthusiasts with a mission to create a platform that is indispensable and speaks to all artists globally. In addition,...

Doodle Arts is the media and publishing arm of Doodle Art Enthusiasts with a mission to create a platform that is indispensable and speaks to all artists globally. In addition, Doodle Arts aims to promote freedom of creative expression, discover creative work, and share remarkable stories that will spark creative fire and great inspiration.

Help build a global brand for Doodle Arts by becoming a Global Brand Ambassador. An ambassador’s important goal is to inspire other artists to share their work with the world. This program is an opportunity for you to gain leadership and professional experience working with your local community and the Doodle Arts team.

All ambassadors around the world will act as liaisons between Doodle Arts and the creative community of the world. These ambassadors will:

  • Learn the future programs of Doodle Arts to the world.
  • Get mentorship from our team in performing an ambassador’s role.
  • Plan and curate events on campuses, galleries, public places, or anywhere in your local community.
  • Represent Doodle Arts during events and act as primary contact of Doodle Arts in your country.
  • Share and contribute stories using our social media.
  • Help Doodle Arts better understand the culture of every country.

The program is open to any students or professionals practicing their craft. Only one (1) ambassador per country will be chosen.



Ambassadors are aspiring artists on their prime and passionate about new ideas, enthusiastic about Doodle Art Enthusiasts, a reader of Doodle Arts Magazine, and involved in any local communities and organization. They always look for fresh ideas and consider doodle as a form of self-expression and an outlet for creativity. They are socially savvy, outgoing, trendsetters, and pacesetters. They are delighted in attending events organized by their fellow creative community.

To sum up, here’s the description of an ideal Global Brand Ambassador:

  • Creative and entrepreneurial, with strong online and offline social networks
  • Leadership and involvement in activities inside or outside the school
  • Has a great art style to represent the Doodle Arts brand
  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Able to work independently to meet deadlines and reporting requirements
  • Involved in an academic or local organizations in your country
  • Fun, outgoing, and willing to attend or curate events
  • Lots of enthusiasm for this program

If you’re a cool artist in your community, we want you to represent Doodle Arts in your country. Tell your friends how doodling can make them creative and how this program can show new ways to make the art scene more conducive to learning, friendship, inspiration.


  • Promote awareness of the Doodle Arts brand across your local community
  • Planning and executing at least one event and promoting it through word-of-mouth and social media
  • Develop relationships and partnerships with relevant organizations, brands, and media partners
  • Manage Doodle Arts Instagram account (@doodleartsmag) and share visual stories about your country
  • Contribute stories for Doodle Arts website
  • Develop or suggest a marketing or event concept to promote Doodle Arts in your country
  • Maintain regular communication with the Doodle Arts team
  • Represent Doodle Arts with your prospects

WeĘĽll introduce you to all things about Doodle Arts to give you a better understanding of our platform. We’ll also provide guidance on marketing and events especially in creating proposals, submitting a request, and more stuffs to make your ambassadorship a success.



  • Doodle Arts merchandise and performance based incentives at the end of the term
  • Develop leadership and communication skills and opportunity to connect with leaders in the creative industry
  • Expand one’s personal and professional networks
  • Meet top creative professionals, business developers and designers, and have insider access into the creative community
  • Build your resume and your personal brand
  • Earn the title of Doodle Art Achievement Award
  • Get the official Doodle Arts Global Brand Ambassador Badge for bragging rights
  • Be featured in our publication
  • Letter of recommendation upon successful completion of program
  • Free 1-year domain for personal use
  • Full access to all digital magazine issues of Doodle Arts
  • Art prints from the artists of Doodle Art Enthusiasts

In return, we will provide you a real-life understanding of how our publications works, and you get to work with some of the coolest, most creative people. There are perks, but be prepared for more work. If you have some guts and creative enough, apply now by clicking HERE (

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Dibs Leaño is a professional writer, journalist, and managing editor of Doodle Arts. While not working as content manager, she prefers to play computer games, feed her cats, vandalize restroom walls, draw doodles for special occasions, whine for more and plan for world domination. Follow her on Instagram, @dibsidoodles.
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