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ABOUT THE EXHIBITION Doodle Fest 2016 invites you to apply and participate as one of the 54 artists for DECK OF DOODLES, a group exhibition of traditional doodle...
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Doodle Fest 2016 invites you to apply and participate as one of the 54 artists for DECK OF DOODLES, a group exhibition of traditional doodle art, that will showcase an artistic representation of a complete deck of cards including the two Jokers. Held over the eight month of the year, August 1 to 31, 2016 at the business district of the Philippines, Doodle Fest 2016 is expected to attract more than 10,000 art patrons and collectors to celebrate the doodle art movement inside the Greenbelt Gallery of A SPACE Manila.

This community art event aims to provide a platform for artists who are engaged with creative challenges that encourage the use of doodling as a tool for ambition, leisure, and engaged learning. The exhibit will explore the facets of creativity brought by fun, timing, and risks through a presentation of an entirely brand new deck of cards.

The opportunity to submit works for exhibition extends to all artists and illustrators whose work reflects the theme of the exhibition in any form where your style and technique displays a converging factor in the arts.

Submitting your interest requires you to agree to certain rules and regulations. Read all information in detail before applying.
1. Fill up the form completely found in the ‘Apply Here‘ tab to be considered.
2. Choose your preferred card by selecting a card rank and suit on the drop-down box.
3. Status of your application will be notified through email. If your request to become an exhibitor is accepted, then your chosen card during your application will be your official card for the exhibit.
4. The information provided in your application will directly affect the status of your application.
5. Once everything is settled for your card, you may begin your artwork by following our mechanical guidelines to be sent on your email. Make sure to follow all instructions properly.

January 25: Application to participate as exhibitor opens
February 8: Last day of submission of application
February 20: Deadline of withdrawal of application
May 28: First deadline of all requirements to all exhibitors
June 18: Final deadline of all requirements to all exhibitors
August 4: Exhibit opening night

Doodle Fest




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In an effort to maintain best gallery practices, Doodle Fest will implement the following rules and regulations for Deck of Doodles Exhibit. We encourage that potential submitters read and adhere to the rules as we will not accept artworks that do not comply. Observing the following points ensures your artwork is exhibited in the best way possible.

All entries must be original work completed in an A4 canvas within the year 2016 and not previously shown in any art exhibitions. Please be mindful of copyright infringements.

Application to participate in the exhibit is absolutely free. Confirmed artists will be notified through email. All exhibition details will be sent to the registered email of the artist during registration.

Doodle Fest will strictly follow the pre-production deadlines for all participating exhibitors. We will accept submission of original artworks until the said deadlines only (see Calendar of Deadlines).

Submit your artworks without any frame, but ensure other means of protection to prevent unwanted damages. Doodle Fest will provide the frame to make a consistent overall look. Include the artwork title, medium, price, and a brief description about your artwork on a separate sheet. Our mailing address will be provided soon. All participating artist living outside Manila and The Philippines will follow the same deadlines. Artists must submit their artworks at their own cost. Return of artworks may be arranged with the Curator.

Withdrawal of application must be done in writing. An accepted artist may NOT CANCEL their participation after the said deadline. A confirmed participating artist who wished to cancel their participation for the exhibit after the said deadline must pay a fee of $100 (US Dollar). Failure to obey exhibition etiquette may result to sanction of major offense being imposed by the organization.

Work accepted for the exhibition may not be substituted, nor will any be permitted to be withdrawn during an exhibition, except in some circumstances, and then only with the approval of the Curator and the Gallery.

All entries are left at the owner’s risk.  Although precautions are taken, the Gallery and Doodle Fest is not responsible for damage or theft.  Submission of work to any exhibition constitutes agreement on the part of the artist to provisions here set forth.

All works on exhibit are for sale. A fraction of 20% sales commission automatically goes to the Gallery.

Unsold artworks must be picked up within two days after the close of the exhibition. Artists must sign the entry form copy which is attached to the artwork as a receipt and leave it to the curator.

All participating artist will receive a valid certificate of participation from the Curator.

Any exhibiting artist consents to the use of his/her name and the artist’s image(s) for purposes of promotion and advertisement by Doodle Fest. The artist waives any claim, including any claim for invasion of the right of privacy of copyright against Doodle Fest.

The Curator must be notified in advance if an unconventional method of presentation or hanging is required. Policies of the host gallery will prevail. Once an accepted piece of artwork is installed in a show, please do not ask to change its location. It is up to the Doodle Fest Committee to place and hang artwork.


[tabby title=”Exhibition Etiquette”]


Deck of Doodles Exhibit is open to all applying Artists. All applications submitted are subject to evaluation and approval of the art curator. Both the application and the artwork will be screened prior to exhibitions. Artworks will stay at the Gallery for the duration of the exhibit for which it was entered.

Exhibitors are required to submit an Artist Statement.

Artist agrees that all work submitted, displayed, and represented for sale to the public at the Doodle Fest 2016 has been designed and executed by the Artist. Doodle Fest reserves the right to advise Artist of any work that does not meet Festival standards and may take any action deemed necessary for compliance.

All artworks must be presented in a professional manner. All artworks are screened by the Doodle Fest Committee prior to hanging the exhibit. The Committee has the right to reject any entry because of its content, subject matter, size, shape or weight is, in its judgment, inappropriate for public display.

All artworks must be presented in any traditional media. No digital artworks are allowed.

Only determined number of limited edition and digital reproductions of artworks are allowed. Artists must specify “limited edition” to the curator. The Doodle Fest reserves the right to monitor displays of multiples and request. No postcards, books, note cards, posters, or any offset reproductions are permitted unless specified by the artist.

Artist has read and agrees to all terms and conditions of participation in the Deck of Doodles exhibit. Artist hereby releases, indemnifies, and holds harmless the Doodle Fest and all of their volunteers, representatives, assignees, affiliated organizations, and suppliers from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, demands, damages, theft or costs, and for any injury suffered before, during, or after the Doodle Fest 2016 or as a result of negligence, or failure to perform under this agreement, or other acts, foreseen or unforeseen and howsoever caused, and for the Artist’s work, equipment and materials. Artist hereby releases the Doodle Fest from all actions, claims, demands that he/she, his/her assigns, heirs, legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury, death, damage to, or theft of personal property, equipment or artwork. Artist is strongly encouraged to carry liability, personal injury, and theft insurance for their artwork, their personal protection, their assistants and their customer’s protection. No refunds will be given for force majeure, war, or acts of terrorism.

I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I understand that failure to comply with all Doodle Fest regulations will result in my removal from the Deck of Doodles exhibit. I am aware that all decisions of the Doodle Fest are final and may not be arbitrated. This is an enforceable contract and release of liability between myself and the Doodle Fest and their affiliated organizations and I agree of my own free will.


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Application is temporarily closed.



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