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Following the success of Dominika Lipniewska’s eye-catching 100 Colouring Book comes Doodle Town, a wonderfully whimsical drawing activity book.

Doodle Town by Dominika Lipniewska is a friendly doodling book that provides hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and creative expression. As the name implies, Doodle Town features different hotspots of a town including its people, landmarks, lifestyle, and the happenings that run inside a town.


Doodle Town by Dominika Lipniewska, published by Tate Publishing (out September 2016, £9.99) – Paperback with die-cut flaps



By the time you open the book, the so-called Doodle Town is like a work-in-progress. The author provides the preliminary visuals for the readers—giving them creative power to dictate and govern the visual look of the town. Perfect for children, the book is at its best to provide therapeutic and educational benefits that are essential for young readers. Moreover, all illustrations exhibit the best style of the artist’s handmade labors of love to promote creativity.

Doodle Town is also a perfect art exercise for creative practitioners and industry professionals to overcome blank page paralysis. The book plays a specific direction on where your doodles should go. The book begins with a warm welcome from partly-drawn citizens of Doodle Town where readers are encouraged to begin the doodling activity. The rest of the pages will tour you on different faces of the town.

However, the book is struggling to persuade other age groups that Doodle Town is not just your ordinary doodle book. The author, who is also an artist, will most likely agree that creatives may not be expressive verbally. Artists tend to have the affection in telling stories through visuals than lengthy writings. With limited editorial content, the visuals of the book will do most of the talking while young readers are focusing on the illustrations. Still, the innate story of Doodle Town is even in pain to get our full interest. To emphasize the point, the cover illustration can be more than the sum of the illustrator’s work and an important factor before making a purchase. The package is flawless, but the influence brought by the concept and story of the book will determine the doodling routine of a reader towards the book.

We are generally a little wary of so many doodle-related books in terms of target market, which can be hit and miss. But in our eyes, Doodle Town can be good a hit especially for children.



Cover art: The bold, cool, and simple cover illustration gives us a clear idea about the style of the artist. It supports a particular idea that doodling is not always in the form of aesthetic sophistication. Doodling is not stressful and it can be as simple as an ordinary scribble. In addition, the artist is clever to put contrast between the shades of blue to draw attention. The overall simplicity is a great breathing room for anxious artists.

Inside spread: Designs range in simplicity from beginner to advanced level. As much as we love doodle art, we have to admire the artist’s style of line art as a form of expression. Color is a bit limited but its coolness makes it comfortable to the eyes of any reader. The visuals are sparse while maintaining clean and balanced space for the readers. Still, its overall layout is a good brain workout.

Mature subject: Absence of mature illustrations makes it 100% child-friendly.


★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)

Doodle Town delivers your standard doodling book, stuffed with simple and no-stress lineup of drawing activities. Great for all aspiring and amateur artists, not just kids.

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About the Author
Dominika Lipniewska is a Polish born illustrator and designer living in London. She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and Cambridge School of Art. Her first book, 100 Colouring Book, was published by Tate in 2015.

“I love comic books, children’s books and toys, design from the 50’s and 60’s, bold and folky images and prints.”

Following the success of Dominika Lipniewska’s eye-catching 100 Colouring Book comes Doodle Town, a wonderfully whimsical drawing activity book.

Visit to see more of her works.

Publisher’s Note
From the author of 100 Colouring Book, Doodle Town celebrates the transformative power of drawing. Welcome to Doodle Town, where everyone and everything is a drawing. It is a wonderfully whimsical drawing activity book that invites children to discover how, with just a pencil and an idea, they can transform the world around them.

Children will revel in the opportunity to bend reality with their doodles through activities that include creating designs for gravity-defying hairstyles, releasing scribble clouds into the sky (who knows what kind of rain a scribble makes?!) and playing mix and match with Doodle Town dog owners. Packed with over 60 drawing activities, Doodle Town is an entertaining and empowering introduction to imaginative drawing that promises hours of fun.

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Photo by Vince Okerman

Editor’s Note: The book was sent to Doodle Arts EU for review by Tate Publishing. This review is based on a physical and digital copy of the book provided by the publisher and was rated collectively by seven Doodle Arts editors.

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The Good
  • Layout and overall art
  • Color scheme
The Bad
  • Story flow
  • Elaine Catindig, Editor-at-Large | It delivers your standard doodling book, stuffed with no-stress lineup of drawing activities
  • Dibs Leaño, Managing Editor | I love how Doodle Town gave the task of imagination to the artist. Who wouldn't live in a town of doodles? I would!
  • Vince Okeman, Doodle Artist | A great take on minimalism, but more details will hold my attention even longer.
  • Jane Cuevas, Assistant Editor | Doodle Town is meditative and innovative with various activities for starters.

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