The Eager Beavers of 2016

Just as social media changed the way we discover the untold stories of global artists, digital awareness and online portfolio is going to be a leader in every aspect...

Just as social media changed the way we discover the untold stories of global artists, digital awareness and online portfolio is going to be a leader in every aspect of everyone’s exposure: how you market, how you sell, and how you brand yourself. The internet is abuzz today and the rise of digital technology gives equal low-cost opportunities to artists of any age.

Many artists are enthralled by the privilege of online media sites like Facebook, Behance, Instagram, and among many others. Before this year ends, we named 12 artists who expressed freely and taught us the true essence of art.

1. Artgerm

Seeing my students grow is one of the most rewarding experience in my life. — Stanley Lau


2. Brian Donnelly

Image credit: Brian Donnelly

A museum exhibition is a serious test for any artist reputation. It helps us secure a place in the art world as a major contemporary artist. — Brian Donnelly


3. Carolina Arevalo

Image credit: Carolina Arevalo

I don’t get stuck with people’s comments when they are only intending to hurt the others. If the motifs are to propel fear, then fear is the only result. — Carolina Arevalo


4.Daryl Victoria

The core purpose of making art is to communicate. And for communication to be efficient, it has to be relevant and simple . — Daryl Victoria


5. Deon Phua

At the end of the day, there’s much more interesting than art itself, and that is the art of storytelling. — Deon Phua


6. Jake Parker

It’s finished, not perfect. — Jake Parker


7. Jaykee Evangelista

Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to admit that you fail. Great designers fail so many times. Use it as your motivation to move forward. — Jaykee Evangelista


8. Rod Hunt

Image credit: Rod Hunt

Good sense of time management is very essential. I monitor how long should I spend on every piece of artwork and crossing off the days as I went. There was no margin for overrunning with the deadline. — Rod Hunt


9. Sam Cox

Image credit: The Doodle Man

Does it matter if someone says your work is or isn’t art? Should it bother you? You can still do it! It’s not harming anyone. Just do what you want and have fun doing it. Don’t let someone else ruin it for you. — Sam Cox


10. Timothy goodman


Get away with shit. Don’t be paralyzed by maybes!. — Timothy Goodman


11.  Vince Okerman

Everyone always asks me how I come up with new doodles, so I drew some new doodles in this drawing, and you might get inspiration from it! — Vince Okerman


12. Yann Houri

Human emotions are unarguably the inspiration behind my paintings and it is across facial expression accentuated by nuances and intensities between color. — Yann Houri


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Lei Melendres and Martin Cosme contributed to this feature.


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