Flashes and Faces of Graphika Manila 2017

For 12 years, the country's premium creative conference kicks off 2017 with the biggest inspiration for artists and designers

Graphika Manila, often dubbed as the “premier creativity conference in the Philippines” has attracted over 20,000 delegates in the past 12 years. From students, design enthusiasts, and professionals, they all have grown together in this two-day symposium, learning more about the craft of design, and focusing on the advent of creativity to share a common goal—to learn, get inspired, and adapt to new ideologies and thoughts.

Learn, be inspired and above all, adapt—which all enables us to take a look closer us to our past, present, and into the future. Benjamin Ang, founder of Genesis Motion Design and one of this year’s speakers has discussed that the past (ourselves as designers) and the future (ourselves as successful designers) are interconnected. And that we have to adapt just like a carabao—resilient and firm, work in unity and find our strength with one another just like a fish and soar above all setbacks and struggles just like the Philippine eagle.

With passion and creativity, paired with commitment, Avid Liongoren, also one of the speakers who’s a filmmaker and a visual artist at Rocketsheep Studio has also taught us that despite failures, the value of commitment, and the spirit of pursuing what you started will surely pave way for something worth it. And for them, it’s the success of the film they spent 12 years in the making—Saving Sally, which was featured in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Each of the speakers of this event has his own share of failures and doubts, but all these, they learned to overcome by taking a leap of faith, challenging themselves to doing something different, and just being child-like, curious about everything—the beauty and bitter-sweetness of existence. The likes of Benjamin Ang of Genesis Motion Design, Daryl Feril, Jonathan Kim of Rare Volume, Marcel Ziul of State Design, Gary Baseman, Thang Le of Industrial Lights and Magic, John Ed De Vera, Avid Liongoren, Rizon Parein, Kerby Rosanes, Stanley Lau, and Mr. Bingo are truly worth-remembering as they share not only a piece of their art, but also a slice of life relevant to our artistic lives.

This year’s Graphika Manila has not only provided the audience with insights about design, illustration and motion graphics, but it has also created an attachment for each of the audience that there will always be possibilities for art.

Just like, what Mr. Bingo, a London-based artist known for his hate mails said, “if you think you can do better than what’s already out there, it’s worth having a go…”

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Photographed by Jomari Bolaton and Regie Quimora

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