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The corner of the internet is filled with memes of grumpy cats and funny dogs that put a smile on our faces. Rarely was there a post for art...

The corner of the internet is filled with memes of grumpy cats and funny dogs that put a smile on our faces. Rarely was there a post for art that went as viral as the #ArtVsArtists that reached its successful tryout on a global scale. It’s as fast as your daily news headlines, but it’s not gossip, just real art.

A Trend to Follow
Somewhere in the last few months of 2015, the social network is getting populated with predictable year-end posts. While the tradition remains to be followed, a new hashtag jumped over the family of bandwagons to swarm the interest of artists-alike.

#ArtVsArtists is a hashtag campaign with nine pictures being presented into a 9-picture grid. It features the artist’s picture in the middle while being surrounded by the artist’s works. One art journalist recounts from a little of his memory that the initial intention of #ArtVsArtists meme was to show how an artist and their artwork look alike on their social media accounts. Though it’s still quite unclear where and how it came from, all we know is that the digital world can share information instantly across different platforms.

Who uses #ArtVsArtist?
It’s basically any creative individuals who desire to share an interesting layer of their artistic life. Since then, #ArtVsArtists has quickly evolved to include features of toys, 3D, fashion, and any art that is beyond illustration.

A recent study was published by an online publishing platform 30DB.com describing the state of using hashtags. Based on the result, the crowd’s opinion showed 93% positive sentiments when discussing #ArtVsArtists. The data was collected on June 28, 2016 from samples of comments made on the Internet.

Most artists prefer to be anonymous or iconic by representing themselves with artist name and logo—a common brand practice by most freelancers. Against the belief of an artist’s comfort zone, they can treat #ArtVsArtists as a nonconventional way to welcome followers with a different post to offer. You wouldn’t lose the charm if you crank a smile and share that picture in the middle of the grid.

Hashtag your art now!

When Twitter first used hashtags as groupings, it goes beyond ordinary performance. Hashtags can now be seen in businesses, media, and different people, including artists, to gain instant VIP access to a plethora of information and inspiration. Artists use it to filter their selection of inspiring finds, track a notable artist or idea, and promote work through shared interest—a smart way to categorize everybody’s search.

Now that your artist name becomes co-terminal of your social media profiles, these channels will start to be a part of your professional identity. Every hashtag will be interpreted as part of your character. Make no mistake with hashtags. If you weren’t there to see it happen, start your hashtag now and let millions of potential impressions comment something amazing on your posts.

What’s the deal now?

We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite artists and their works in this format. We will handpick the coolest artists in #ArtVsArtist section of Doodle Arts website and put them side by side with their artworks. We also asked them how much of their art represents them. Check our #ArtVsArtist features HERE!

After all, don’t forget Doodle Arts’ hashtags on Instagram. #DoodleArts #doodleartsmag

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