How to Survive Doodle Clash

The game has changed. It may look seamless and comfortable to be part of the audience while watching Doodle Clash. In fact, the dimension is different for participating artists....
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The game has changed. It may look seamless and comfortable to be part of the audience while watching Doodle Clash. In fact, the dimension is different for participating artists. Just like any other highlights of your life, the jitters are imminent when you already stood in front of the walls with flashing mob behind you. It may seem impossible to survive your first attempt in Doodle Clash, but let your drawing experience fit your confidence and self-esteem. If you want to know simple tips to enjoy Doodle Clash, just take note of these five simple pointers.

1. Plan ahead

Time Limit

90 minutes are the limit. In an art battle with deadline as your motivation, the pressure is always on. Put into actions your ideas and imagination by making them as your live inspiration. As part of the pre-event planning, make sure to prepare any concept that your team anticipates. With this, you can avoid creativity block while being caught disoriented in the middle of the game. Just like any war games, your master plan will not work if you don’t have any ammunition to defend your ideals.

2. Communication is critical


Two brains must always be better than one. In a live art activity without any undo button, errors are imminent. And as a reality check, spontaneous art form does not guarantee a perfect model of creativity. In resolving any conflicts with your teammate, your interpersonal communication skills will dictate if your pairing is a perfect match made in heaven. In that way, you can utilize creativity to make live art errors discrete. Otherwise, a small problem can mislead the overall direction of the team. Learn to listen to your team and accept any liabilities you may have.

3. Sportsmanship is next to showmanship


As much as you have high respect with your teammate, politeness is utterly important when dealing with your opponents. Avoid acting as if they are sure winners or hailing them like Gods. The game is always fair and square. Names can’t make a difference from your actual performance.

4. The mob is part of the game plan


You can’t please anyone who is watching you. Some will cheer for you while some might even crank a not-so-good prank on you. Remember that your focus travels in silence and your state of control will determine how you handle extraneous factors that can either make you or break you. Internalize before going to battles. Also, strictly no vote-buying before the event. Though this case is bizarre, the audience must still exercise their right to suffrage without any threat or special treatment. As Hegel’s aesthetic theory states, a person will only like your artwork, if and only if he or she founds pleasure on it.

5. A true winner finds happiness between victory and defeat


If you ever find yourself stranded in the space, certain things can mean the difference between win or lose. The reality attest players about the simple rules of the battle—to draw freestyle in a blank canvas under 90 minutes without sketches, pencils, or any drawing apparatus. Just the markers provided during the game. As a matter of fact, it will challenge the players in different ways–to utilize restricted resources(markers and canvas) against limited time, to understand your team being part of your game, to accept subjective judgments from people you don’t know, and to be your own voice of creative reasoning. On top of this, players may forgot that only 1 winner will be proclaimed every match. Your maturity defines how you handle results in a fair and square game. Losing is inevitable, but there’s more losers who become winners on the latter part. As always, enjoy any game you are about to play.

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Cover photo courtesy of Daryl Victoria. Inside photos courtesy of Ryan McGuire.
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