London in Hong Kong: Mr. Doodle Invades Mira Place Mall

Mr. Doodle did something good this Christmas

Mr. Doodle, a doodle artist from England, teamed up with Mira Place Mall to create a massive London Christmas Town in the heart of Hong Kong. The event called “Doo Something this Christmas” has everything to do with doodles and Christmas.

We’re talking about doodles on the stairs


Doodles on the floor


All over the walls


On a telephone booth


On a cab


And everywhere!


The whole place is filled with Mr. Doodle’s signature spaghetti graffiti. Even the 40 feet long footbridge that connects Mira Place 1 to Mira Place 2 is drawn on!


His doodles, black on white with hints of Christmas colors, became an attraction to kids and adults alike. Every square inch of the place is picturesque! His doodles and designs surely brought the British vibe in Asia.

But more than the instagrammable backdrop and glow in the dark doodles, the place is also interactive.

This Doodle Post Office lets you create a personalized Christmas card.


This London Big Ben lights up every 30 minutes and surprises people with greetings from Mr. Doodle’s characters.


And there are also games like Rubik’s Cube and Electric Maze. We tried it, and won a Mr. Doodle Limited Edition memo pad!


What more, they also prepared three challenges including the Mr. Doodle Photo Hunt. In this Facebook game, Mira Place will make HK$ 10 donation on behalf of the winning participants to Chi Heng Foundation to help children and adolescents affected by AIDS.

Aside from challenges, they also have events like Meet Mr. Doodle Together where Mr. Doodle himself will take photos with people.

The London Christmas Town is such a festive place to be in, not just for artists, but also for people who simply want to enjoy the craziness of the place. There are a lot of things to do and see, and they shouldn’t be missed!

Check out the schedule:


The massive doodle invaded the Mira Place Mall last Nov 4 and will stay until the end of December. So we hope that before the year ends, you get to doo something this Christmas!

Mr. Doodle, formerly The Doodle Man, was featured in Doodle Arts January-March 2016 Art Issue.
Image credits: Elaine Catindig

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