Meet the new editor-in-chief of Doodle Arts

Marc Oliver Fernandez named as Doodle Arts' newest editor-in-chief

It was short but sweet for the first editor-in-chief of Doodle Arts after Elaine Catindig left the pages of the magazine. A cool creative connoisseur who was both an editor and art producer, she provided both platform and spotlight for some of the world’s most talented creatives, from British talents like Samuel Cox and Rod Hunt, to faces as prominent as Geo Law, Deon Phua, and Shantell Martin.

In many ways, Elaine Catindig is irreplaceable to Doodle Arts, a magazine and brand she has managed to evolve into an imperium—a digital media platform with global reach and dynamic growth. If anyone is up to the job, though, it is probably Marc Oliver Fernandez.

Marc Oliver Fernandez, who has been exposed consistently in the art industry throughout his formative years, is the newest editor-in-chief of Doodle Arts to continue its mission of highlighting the best in the world of art and doodling.

As Doodle Arts‘ editor-in-chief, Fernandez will debut his first issue on the first quarter of 2017, another milestone to add to his flourishing career.

Of the career milestone, Fernandez said: “I’m really excited to join Doodle Arts because of the opportunities that awaits—meeting new people, attending social events, and learning a lot from all of these experiences. That I think is what I’m really looking forward to.”

“Our potential to be an avenue for artists to share their thoughts, talents, and advises to other artists is so immense to encourage and inspire them to strive harder and become better in doing what they love to do.”

As a proactive football player since he was 9, Fernandez has donned many shoes—sports enthusiast, writer, painter, cartoonist, designer, teacher, health advocate—over the years.  Prior to becoming an artist, Fernandez used to teach English literature for secondary level. For a time, he was also the speaker of Limbagan Evolution event of St. Mary’s University.

Currently, Fernandez maintains his Tagalog online comic, Budong, where it used to appear in the Comics section of Philippine Daily Inquirer from June to July 2016.

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