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Distinguished by many as a successful and notable creative work, the Shaping Clouds project by Martín Feijoó on Behance made its debut with a simple idea and continues to...

Distinguished by many as a successful and notable creative work, the Shaping Clouds project by Martín Feijoó on Behance made its debut with a simple idea and continues to capture many hearts of art enthusiasts around the world. With just a photograph of clouds filled with traces of lines to form a figure, the idea stands today as one of the most iconic pieces of clouds taken from sky and brought to life.

As a self-acclaimed awesome and tireless seeker from Argentina, Martín Feijoó has been bounded by copywriting and art where he graduated with a degree in Advertising and Strategic Communication. “I love both copywriting and drawing, but drawing is something that I’ve always done for fun and I wanted to keep it that way. I guess I’m afraid to turn something that I love into a daily obligation,” he explains.

With his superior creativity and advertising experience, Martin Feijoo became an award-winning creative professional using pens and thoughts. He won several awards from the most prestigious advertising festivals of the world and got featured from different websites and publications. Here, he explains us his most recent work—the Shaping Clouds project and other interesting stuffs from him.



Doodle Arts: Is doodling on clouds a great choice?
We don’t need to be famous to do art. The greatest pieces of art started in a piece of paper and people should know that. Thanks to my cloud sketches because a North American editorial group is collaborating with me to create a book about my Shaping Clouds. People all around the world is inviting me to talk about my project. During the past months, I spent lots of hours drawing on clouds. I guess I’m living the dream.

Doodle Arts: How does doodling help your craft?
Doodling relaxes me. When I’m doodling, I always realize that my mind is thinking about nothing. I have to say that this routine is helpful in an advertising industry because our mind never stops working when you work with ideas. While I’m working, doodling also helps me to explain my ideas when I can’t explain them with words.


Doodle Arts: What is your effective means of creativity?
Surely, doodling is a very useful tool in an advertising industry. It helps me visualize my ideas so I can share my funny scribbles and witty thoughts with the rest of the team.

Doodle Arts: You have the skill set for art and communication. How do you go about having the edge to utilize your talent in writing and drawing?
I always feel grateful with my innate talent, but the obsession with my ideas is something I need to work on. When I was young, I always consider my ideas to be great. However, I’ve learnt that it’s not true. We can’t fall in love with all of our ideas. I think we have to become our first and more rigorous critic. On the other hand, I never think about my limits. I prefer to set myself with one objective at a time and focus all my energy in order to do it. Once I achieve that, I look for a new objective. By doing this, I ensure spending more time on realistic things. It takes plenty of time to achieve amazing things. Think about my small idea of the Shaping Clouds project. All I wanted was to publish them so people will appreciate it. All the buzz generated around was unexpected. If my first objective is not realistic to make something big to trigger a huge buzz, then maybe I would never come up with this idea.


Doodle Arts: What is your favorite part while working with pens?
In advertising, we work with concepts and ideas. My daily job consists of finding the right words to say and I loved it. The good thing about working in my field is that we work for many clients who have different products. You have to be always ready for change and start working on something completely new. It’s impossible to get bored if you do what I do. As I see the correlation between doodling and writing, I was able to find happiness and feel inspired with my art.

Doodle Arts: What propelled you to do the Shaping Clouds Project?
Martín: I’m pretty sure that all of us had thought about doing this at least once in our lives. I guess the only difference between myself and the rest of people is my decision to start it into a real project. I spent countless hours working on those illustrations to show my message around the environment.

Shaping Clouds project was all I could think about while traveling the bustling cities of Mexico. Every time we hit the road, I took my camera with me and I started capturing the raw nature of the clouds. From there, I will start my visualization after I get back to Madrid. My objective is to turn those cloudy shapes into illustrations.

Once I return home, I begin the work by selecting the best clouds during lunch time where my energizer is a salad or something quick to consume. The rest of the time will be devoted to drawing the clouds. During the time I worked on that project, I spent almost an hour a day drawing cloud sketches. It’s tiring but worth doing all day.

Frankly, I never thought that this side project would break the internet like it did.


My piece of advice: stop thinking about doing things. Start doing things now!

What is your most insane idea?

Some of the most insane ideas I had for an advertising project were never published. And I’m happy to reveal that I usually have this idea for a campaign that always end up something completely different from my plan for a short tale, a side project, or even a piece of art.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Doodle Arts May-August 2015. 

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