Party with Colors as Titus Pens Keeps the Ball Rolling on the Art Scene

Music & Arts Festival 2017 is about to unleash the most colorful party in you

Titus Pens Music & Arts Festival is known for bringing in local bands, home-grown indie performers, and a bunch of young creative artists to deliver a show-stopping performance of art and music. First started in 2016, they managed to conquer the art and music enthusiasts inside Ynares Sports Arena. With this in mind, Titus Pens is not your ordinary pen brand that inks good art but also weaves great music festival.

From the success of their first installment, Titus Pens is putting back the art in party with Party with Colors Vol. 2 to celebrate another year of colorful music and art. Everyone is invited to attend a back-to-school party together with the best bands and DJs which will be held at Mall of Asia Music Hall on July 1, 2017. There’s more music, more art, more pens, and yes, there is pen buffet!

The previous year has seen Titus Pens growing on a massive scale, but a growing festival like Party With Colors deserves a more spacious and dynamic venue for young, creative, and highly energetic crowd. In fact, the release of their newest Gel Pen 24 colors will surely become bigger and bolder, no doubt.

List of band performers:

And don’t forget to check out our friends from Doodle Art Enthusiasts who will do a live art doodling activity before the concert. You will definitely enjoy their free-flowing creative ideas together with Titus Pens ‘artbassadors’ DoAngelo Mercado, Kenjay Reyes, Manuel Madrid, Patrice Palisoc, and Rbin Binuya.

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Images credit: Titus Pens
Patrice Palisoc contributed to this feature

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