Southern Chaos – A Milieu of South

A two-day celebration of local music and art scene in the South

Pen Paper Knives Production initiated a successful event “Southern Chaos” that inspired and influenced its attendees by gathering together South’s creative artists whether in music and arts. The event took place at Southrock Indoor Skatepark, Halang Calamba, Laguna, January 21-28, 2017.

Reggae and Hip Hop music with artists like Lady I, Slowdough, Gayuma was staged on the first day of the event. There was also a skateboarding competition, graffiti contest and photo exhibit on that same day. On its second day, rock and metal bands  Imbue no Kudos, Lostthreads, April Morning Skies and Laguna’s local pride bands Embercore and Gust also had their performances to end the event with a bang.

The event focused not only on making music and art but also on how to support and showcase the talent of every local artist whether in music or in photography, painting, traditional sketch and graffiti.

Artwork by Rinaldo Zadkiel Galind

Artwork by Jedd Jurilla

Artwork by Vincent Alcantara


“It’s not just about the music, the art and the photographs that we share but it’s all about the Scene and how strong South is!” – JM Salazar, co-organizer of Southern Chaos

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Image credits: WLRS Crew, Nikki Delmo, Ezzek Bondoc, Vincent Alcantara, Jeffzen Mangahis

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