Doodle Arts July-September 2016


Our brains are hardwired to engage with information in a form of stories. In fact, storytelling is so influential it can be used to raise an opinion, challenge someone’s view, or drive the viewer into action. At the end of the day, there’s much more interesting than art itself, and that is the art of storytelling. And in this case, we have several artists to tell us their own.

Artventure: Thoughts and opinions about art by Anthony Sekyere, Geo Law, and Shantell Martin. Doodle Handbook: The Jewels of A SPACE Gallery. Features: A glimpse of Subway Doodle. Review: Doodle Town book reaches the shelves of Doodle Arts. Spotted: Simone Morana proves that it’s never too late to be a versatile artist. Who’s Doodling Now? Landscape architect Faris Ambas and his whole new doodle world.

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Doodle Arts is the world’s leading magazine for artists who believe that doodling is an effective means of overall creativity and individuality. The magazine connects its readers by featuring traditional and digital doodle artists, illustrators, fine artists, and other genres of underground art. It also presents artists not as icons, but as human beings who also go through ordinary people experience.

The first and only quarterly magazine dedicated to doodle art aims to make the creative industry more entertaining by giving artists a spotlight in expressing more freedom of creative expression. If doodles matter to you, then you should read this now before doodling.


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