Spin the colour wheel

Thoughts on how coloured artworks can match everyday ensembles

Last January, I remember putting up more than 72 hours of work constructing a presentation about a project that is heavily dependent on colour as its selling point. I wondered back then, “Why would I want to sell colour? Why is it important for us to highlight this?” Then it hit me. There is meaning without words and pictures. And it is often found in colour.

For me, it always comes with an emotional and practical concept. How can something like colour affect the way someone looks at a doodle or a painting? How can it help my creation stand out in a crowd? Probing further, I realized that colours are not so far away from experiences.

You see, we are blessed to be living in a world where people already understood the power of colours and their effect on human lives. One quick filter on Instagram can help set the mood on a selfie. Three shades of purple can help define royalty and depth in an artwork. People have not lost the ability to laugh, smile, and have a good time, even in the digital age. In a world filled with monotony and divisiveness, it is our colourful choices that redefine experiences and our way of thinking.

Out with hate and in with positivity. It’s time we use our voices to colour positivity.

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Dibs Leaño is a professional writer, journalist, and managing editor of Doodle Arts. While not working as content manager, she prefers to play computer games, feed her cats, vandalize restroom walls, draw doodles for special occasions, whine for more and plan for world domination. Follow her on Instagram, @dibsidoodles.
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