The BGC Arts Center Festival 2017: Theatrical Drawing Session

Pens N' Brushes Proudly Launched The First Theatrical Drawing Session at BGC Arts Festival

Last Saturday, 24th to 26th of November, the BGC Arts Center held its three-day art-filled festival under the theme of Champions of Passion. The weekend was jam-packed with plays, dance numbers, musicals, workshops, art bazaars, and more.

Be it an artist or an art enthusiast, BGC had open arms for those who wanted to be immersed in a weekend full of art. It was definitely an icebreaker and an escape from the tiring and hectic week.

One of the most highlighted events was the Theatrical Drawing Session of PensNBrushes. From their successful preceding event, Portraits360, PenNBrushes’ hosted another spectacular drawing session on the festival’s last day, 26th of November. Their events’ themes are usually different every session which make it stand out, including this recent one. It definitely gave people something look forward to.

The drawing session began at 5:00 p.m. and ended at around 9:00 p.m. The venue was exactly held at the Sun Life Amphitheater.

The three-hour event was divided into three acts; each had different poses and followed by short breaks and performances. Most of the artists whom participated in the event brought their own art materials. One of the events’ official art material provider, Faber-Castell Philippines, also offered an array of materials that the participants were allowed to try out.

The theatrical drawing session was inspired by one of the famous Ilocano folktales, the eponymous, “Lam-ang”. The actors’ interpretation left the artists drawing their heart out together with the pre-set ambiance. One of the performers during the short breaks, Quartet Manila, played a live music rendition based on the epic folklore.

The unique figure drawing session gave both the actors and the artists a wonderful experience of art exchange. While the graceful actors gave short performances before every pose, the artists gave back respect by focusing on the actors and drawing them in full ability. The lights, music and cozy location were part of the brilliant setting. The whole experience was definitely an immersion of the proposed theme.

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Saki Koneyama is Doodle Arts' features editor.
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