The World Has Revealed Its Favorite Color

The color is believed to be popular as it is related to the natural world

A shade of teal inspired by the landscape surrounding Scotland has been named the World’s Favourite Colour, following an international survey carried out by paper company GF Smith.

The colour, named Marrs Green, was found to be the most popular shade worldwide based on thousands of responses GF Smith gathered through an online survey. People taking part were asked to choose their favourite hue from a range of public suggestions.

Marrs Green is named after Annie Marrs, who picked the colour originally. GF Smith has now temporarily added the colour to its Colorplan paper range.

Marrs Green will now join G.F. Smith’s Colourplan range and is available for use by designers, brands and individuals.

“The colour was inspired by the landscape that surrounds me at home in Scotland and that deep green hue with a tinge of blue has always been a favourite of mine,” said Marrs, who is based in Dundee.

The news was announced in Hull, this year’s UK City of Culture, via an explosion of paper helicopters over the city’s Humber Street.

Caroline Till, the editor of Viewpoint Colour Magazine, suggested the shade’s success was down to people wanting to reconnect with the natural world.

“As the contemporary condition of ‘nature deficit’ rises in the context of increasingly urban and digital lifestyles, we seek to reconnect with the natural world, hence the current global popularity of the colour green,” said Till.

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