WHAT YOU MISSED: Sining Collective Presents “Sandugo”

A benefit event in collaboration with Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines

The Sining Collective occupied B-side Makati last January 7, 2017 for “Sandugo”, a relatively new concept in the city which blends traditional art with photography encouraging artists of the respective fields to work with each other. The collective is a group of local artists that first started as an interest group and up until recently they are now organizing community events dedicated to charities and other noble causes.

In addition to art on display, there’s also live performances of spoken word and music from the local arts scene as well as a skateboarding competition. The proceeds of the event go directly to Operation Blessing, an organization that helps young cancer patients who are suffering from cancer to help them have access to better medicine and care.

14 paired artist participated in this events and here are some of the entries we have gathered for you:

Marc Kennard Vallejera Desierdo put his imagination into life as he draws his monsters playing goofy while surrounded by humans. An art collaboration with JC Labitoria

The nude has been a prominent subject of photography since its invention, and played an important role in establishing photography as a fine art medium. Photos taken by Joed Barrallas were given more life as Bjan Bernabe sketched his original tattoo designs for their team up.

Graffiti Designs are most likely to be seen drawn on streets by Graffiti artist, Ezzek Bondoc shows us how lovely our streets would be if art can be seen everywhere. An Art collaboration of Jeffzen Ong-Iko Mangahis.

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