World Doodle Day 2016

Journey to the world’s greatest art scene is a way of life that harks back generations. Most people are getting into coloring, doodling, and drawing because of their exuded...

Journey to the world’s greatest art scene is a way of life that harks back generations. Most people are getting into coloring, doodling, and drawing because of their exuded relaxation and wellness to our mind. Looking forward on how time flies so fast, October is now a powerhouse of worldwide art activities.

This year, the third World Doodle Day event will take place right across United Kingdom and around the world. Prompted by an initiative of Creative Conundrums’ founder, Jude Price, 14th October 2016 will now be international day of doodling—consecrated to art as a catalyst for social change, development, and fun at the service of creativity and charity. It’s here to help you have a moment of creativity in your busy day.


Doodle for a cause
People love the way that World Doodle Day doesn’t only keep the idea of promoting creativity, but it is also built with the desire to help. World Doodle Day came about when Jude was asked to include doodling on a video for her website. Mark Harman from Redbook productions, who now plays a significant role in the project, and on the same wavelength as Jude, went along with the idea that would need to put together an event to get a group of people doodling; and what is better than going large and calling it World Doodle Day? Ever Since, Jude has been doodling as long as she can remember. She believes doodling was a great “escape from her dysfunctional family” as a child.

Charity of the year is Enham Trust, a pan disability organization that works with close to 7,500 individuals each year throughout the South, giving them independence, choice and control in the cornerstone areas of their lives; housing, care, work and skills development. Enham Trust will be part of World Doodle Day to put up all your doodles onto their hoardings in their Cedar Park Development, as well as hosting the Doodle Mile, which will be viewable from 14th of October. Every donation from sponsors and earnings for every purchase of Doodle Pack will go to helping this wonderful charity.

Leading the way
We are a part of the creative revolution in which people are realizing the importance of being creative. Like Jude, she is incredibly happy to be a part of this movement. Creativity is key to all people, whether they are in a creative role or not. It gives an edge within a business, by allowing people to express themselves through their own creativity.

World Doodle Day envisions to connect doodling communities and linking people together— showing people that doodling helps them in more ways than just a creative release. It also enables businesses and companies to see that creative collaboration helps them to grow, showing them the power that having creative space has on their people. What comes out of this year will shape next year’s itinerary.

My mission in life is to inspire others to realize their creative potential, and embrace
their difference. Doodling is a great path to just that. —Jude Price

Giving hope and happiness
Doodling helps to relieve stress, become focused, and let out inner creativity. It is great fun as it allows us to express ourselves through our subconscious mind, in an easy and unregulated way. Going inside through World Doodle Day is a sub-event called The Doodle Mile. It was inspired by the more diverse doodle style – for example, when we doodle on different forms, such as fabric, the floor, the walls and so on. The mile will be a collection of these images and stories, reflecting the diversity we have, and that we all have the ability to express ourselves.

Group media and businesses can help by submitting their own doodles, giving their teams and readers the opportunity to express themselves, and relieve stress and tension by taking time to doodle in any way they wish. Doodle packs will be available for sale to businesses, so they can share the doodle day with their co-workers and see the diversity within their companies, and help spark creative collaboration. Join the revolution now!

World Doodle Day is made possible with Creative Conundrums, Red Book Productions, High Grove Events, The Doodle Institute, Doodle Arts, Crown Print Solutions, and Amethyst PA.

Visit website at for more information.

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